Who is an Energy Guide?

I have been asked why I call my self an ‘Energy Guide”!! What is an energy Guide and many more questions in that line. Here is a little of what makes me vibrate to the term Energy Guide.

I believe “everything” in the Universe is energy, including US, and since I am here helping people on their path forward in life, I am a guide! Put together, I am their Personal Energy Guide!

I look at life as a whole, not as fragmented sections like work, health, family, relationship, business, career, creativity, etc. I know these are aspects of your expression of life, but YOU are ONE! All these are ways that you live this life and express within it. Some of these will see you flower and some of these will not. Some of these will bring you contentment and some will not. Some you will do because you really want to and others because you have to. Some help you express joy and some do not.

As an Energy Guide, I know this… There are spaces in your life where you will be drawn to invest more and there will be others that will not inspire you to invest as much. This can be called your “intuition”, and intuition is usually right! This may make parts of your life, that are important for survival, lag back and not shine as much. This is where I come in. I understand, “Energy Flows where Attention Goes!” I help bring to your notice the tiny, playfully and skillfully hidden joys of the areas where your attention has not yet reached. I help you form a creative, productive and exciting path to that area. I stand by you while you discover, transform and create within every aspect of your life. I am your way-shower, cheerleader and your support system all rolled into one.

As your Energy Guide, I help guide your energy, your “LIFE FORCE”, in the direction YOU are called to take it! I make it easier, productive, fun and successful for you, every step of the way! I help you reach a space where you can confidently say “I AM WHAT I AM, WHAT I WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE!”

Pushtiie Shiv Shakti ~*~
Energy Guide

P.S.: I also help you step out of your way, to that success you are looking for 😀


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