Love and the Tarot

Love makes the world go around!
Galaxies are held in place because of it!
Wars have started and ended because of it!

Almost everyone has heard of “Love Readings”.
Many may have had one too.
And I am sure they have worked wonders for your life, helping you solve issues and with taking the next steps.
But did you know.. The cards can help you with bringing the kind of energy you want to manifest in your personal life?

Here is a small ritual you can try
* Choose a card that feels like it shows the energy you want to bring in.
Eg: To start a new relationship – The Ace of cups
To have a happy Family – The 10 of Cups
To take it to the next level – The 2 of Cups
To move away from a situation – The 8 of Cups
The list goes on.
* Pick the right candle color to add in the energy
* Use an oil if you please. Rose, Lavender and cinnamon are my favorites
* Choose the best crystal. Usually Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite work best
* An alter cloth depending on what you are working for
* Pick a phase of the Moon that best suits the working

To begin the Ritual
~ Either soak yourself in a tub or stand under running water. This helps clean the energies.
~ Wear a special garment you have chosen and prepared specially for the ritual. This can also have special jewelery.
~ Play some soft romantic music or anything that talks to you in that situation.
~ Clean the place you have chosen.
~ Set up your alter arranging everything you have collected in the best way for you. Let it mean something for you and show you teh
potential of it working. Place the candle in a fireproof holder and away from the edge.
~ Sit by the alter and take a few deep breaths, grounding yourself in that moment.
~ Use visualization to bring in the energy of what you are working towards. SEE it in your mind’s eye.
~ With the image in your awareness, apply the oil to the candle. You can also say a few words that help you empower the candle better.
Eg: For a New Relationship: I charge this candle to bring me new love!
~ Light the candle and gaze lovingly into its flame.
~ Send out gratitude to the event as if it has already happened. Visualize it and live it, with your eyes closed, for as long as you feel comfortable. When you are finished, send out your gratitude, into the Universe, again.
~ Allow the candle to burn down completely.

To Conclude the Ritual
~ Collect the melted wax and do one of the following,
* Burry it in the earth under a growing plant, preferably flowering plant.
* Put it in a natural source of water to float away.
~ Keep the card with you all day and under the pillow at night for 15 days.
~ Place everything else back from where they came.

This is a VERY BASIC Tarot ritual for relationships.
Try it with an open mind, love in your heart and gratitude enveloping it all.
I look forward to hearing from you about your experience.

For a more detailed and personal ritual connect with me on

With much love and Magick
Pushtiie Shiv Shakti ~*~

Jai Ma ~*~


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