Career and Education Readings

1: Career Analysis and Growth Spread
This spread works wonders for one who is looking for a breakthrough in their present situation, in relation to their work/job. It focuses on the complete details of the situation, also giving them advice on how to make the most of the situation and what works best for them.

~ Self
~ Situation
~ Challenges/Opportunities
~ Allies
~ Lessons
~ Ethics
~ Issues
~ Advice
~ Developments
~ Long Term

2: Higher Education Spread
This spread is for those who are transitioning or want to transition to a higher/different space in their work and career. It shows them their strengths and potential also helping them chart the course forward.

~ Your present self
~ Your Basic Potential
~ Your intellectual Potential
~ Your Strengths
~ Your Weakness
~ Your attitude now
~ The Attitude to have
~ Kind of Career
~ Higher Education
~ Place of Education
~ Final Outcome