Finance Readings

1: Yearly Finance Reading
This reading investigates the movement of finance in your life during the specific time frame of 12 months. It can be done at anytime. It looks into great detail for each month, giving you the potential energy and the outcome of it. This reading helps you plan your financial moves allowing you to make the most of what is thrown at you. 5,000/-

2: More Money…. 2500/-
A great spread for entrepreneurs.
~ Your inner attitude towards money
~ who impacts your idea about money the most
~ What do you need to stop doing
~ What do you need to continue doing
~ What do you need to start doing
~ How do you save money
~ Oracle Guidance

3: Specific Money … 2500/-
This spread is for the business/new venture you are starting and need to know how it will fare financially.
~ Overall financial view
~ when will the money start coming in
~ What will work
~ what will stand in the way
~ Best way forward
~ Oracle Guidance