Health Readings

Here is where you can dive deep into any questions related to health, yours or for your loved ones.

1: Complete Health Spread
Here is a spread that talks to you about the basic overall state of you health on all the three levels, Mind, Body and soul.
~ Mind
~ Oracle
~ Body
~ Oracle
~ Soul
~ Oracle
~ Overall View Oracle

2: Specific Ailment
This is a spread that can be used to ask about the details of any ailment. It can be physical, mental, emotional or Spiritual. This spread will help you dive into teh details of everything there is to know about the situation in question.
~ Nature of the Ailment
~ Cause of the Ailment
~ Natural Prognosis
~ Further Healing Methods
~ Allies
~ Obstacles
~ In 3 months
~ Oracle Guidance

3: Chakra Spread
This spread is like a detailed body scan. It talks to you about all the systems in the body.
~ 7th
~ 6th
~ 5th
~ 4th
~ Left Hand
~ Right Hand
~ 3rd
~ 2nd
~ 1st Chakra
~ Left Leg
~ Right Leg
~ Grounding Chakra
~ Oracle Guidance