Relationship Readings

Here is the selection you have to pick from in the romance reading section.

1: Ready for Romance…2500/-
What is it that i can do to be ready for a relationship, is the question this reading answers, primarily!
~ Your personal Ying/Yang Balance
~ What do i need to let go of to attract a partner in my life /Obstacles
~ What do i need to start doing to manifest a partner / Strengths
~ How would i possibly meet the person
~ What do I bring to the relationship
~ What will the relationship bring me
~ What will we experience together

2: About the Other… 3000/-
This reading answers question about the OTHER person that you are inquiring about. This could be anyone, partner, parent, friend, child, boss… anyone.
~ North
~ North-East
~ East
~ South-East
~ South
~ South-West
~ West
~ North-West
~ Here

3: Conflict Resolution… 3500/-
It helps to see, understand and meet the other persons point of view and also find soultions. This reading will also help deal with inner conflict resolutions
~ The actual conflict
~ The Perceived Conflict
~ A’s POV
~ B’s POV
~ A’s Solution
~ B’s Solution
~ Best Solution
~ Allies A
~ Allies B
~ Triggers A
~ Triggers B
~ Overall Solution

5: Special Relationship Reading
In every relationship there are questions that are very personal to the individual and no one but that person can ask. I am sure, you too, have such questions. This Special Romance Reading is for all those questions you want to ask and have not yet been able to find answers to.