Shruti Khatrani
Where do I even begin Pushtiie I have learnt so much from you and want to keep coming back for more . You have been instrumental in my journey and your role goes beyond just being a healer.more success and more power to u 😚

Priyanka Ranu
I had readings done from Pushtiie several times and she was always right. Her readings are very positive and it helped me so much. I definitely recommend her. Love you Pushtiie 🙂

Ritika Puri
Mind is the lock. Knowing is the key. Knowing one’s inner self and connecting with it is a power unknown. It is this power that you strive to make us aware of always. Its always a boost to read your posts. Gives so much more than we can think of. Great to be a part of it! Stay Blessed!

Lorraine Westerbeck
I had won a reading from Goddess Breath and I have to see she was right on with what she told me. I am amazed at how good she is. If you want a good reading she would be one of the best.

Priyanka Ranu
Got yet another wonderful reading done from Pushtiie today…you really made my night. You are truly gifted and every reading that I have gotten done from you was 100% accurate and I trust you and your readings so much. Thank you so much Pushtiie. You are a gem 🙂

Mousumi Datta
It is true that you attract what you manifest and when there is a will , there is a way. I was at a crossroads a few days back and my life was tumbling over. I was just battling with the turmoils of my past experiences when I came to know about Pushtiie maam from one of my closest friends, Kumar Swami . I needed a constant stream of positivity in my life and was hoping for it to come my way in some form or the other. And here it was. Kumar told me how his life changed after meeting Pushtiie maam and directed me towards this page. Goddess breath is my daily dose of inspiration, motivation and positivity now. I feel much more closer to the Divine feminine. Thanks Goddess Breath for helping me grow and evolve on my path to spirituality.
Be Blessed. Be Positive.

Sheetal R Ahuja … Healer
Pushtiie, you are par excellence.. loved your readings/ counselling and your approach towards a session!! Goddess indeed breathes within you and radiates through you.. thank you for being a contribution and providing solutions which was simple but sooo effective 🙂 Thank you Pushtiie 🙂
Loovvveeed your altar!! Its soooo sacred and divine!! Loved d mystical signals we got through our reading!! Muuuuuaahh Pushtiie 🙂

Jincy John
My phase of spiritual awakening was going really scary, I had no clue what should I do and whom to talk about it. I was really confused, curious and scared of what’s happening to me. That’s when I got a sign to get in touch with Pushtiie. She helped me with her reading and guided me well with few things which I started implementing in my life.
Pushtiie you made my life sorted!!!
Thank you sooooo much Pushtiie for being my guide in the present spiritual phase of my life……
May God continue to bless you to help more and more people who are seeking for help.